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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Day On The Ocean

A few pictures from our Double Reef Dive

Clown fish cropped down

Abstract - This Anemone was not taken in B/W

Shrimp Goby


Abstract Coral

Roboastra Nudi

Hard Coral


Little Clown Fish, trying to blend in.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ordelheide Update - July/August

Matts Golf B-Day
Mike and one of his 3 pet frogs

Rodeo Island Style

A Better Man

Trust me...He is Scared!!

Hmmmm....look at the pretty rainbow.

P.I. or bust

The Evil Pagoda

Who's the Baby?

We had a Hot Water Heater that banged in the Night.... 2-3 Lbs of Calcium buildup might be
the cause...Removing it did the trick but if you actually know WHY it did it let me know!!

I happened to have a patient come in for some emergency care.
He happened to be the man that does the fireworks shows on Guam. Anybody who knows
me knows I love to see and hear things go bang....Just my luck!!!
He let Shoshanna and I come down into the restricted area and watch the show first hand.
It was awesome!!!!! Everything was happening right over us!! LOUD and BRIGHT!!!
Here are few pictures and video montages of the show!

Thanks again Denise!!


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