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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend in Saipan

Well, the Ordelheide, Pierson and Fly clan was at it again. We had jammed packed weekend that included diving, eating, golf, brunches and very little relaxation. We really had a great time enjoying the $1 tacos at Olies on the beach. Mmmmm, tasty, cruchy tacos! Anyway, here are a few quick pics from the time on Saipan. P.S. We got 4 new Nudibranchs.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kites for Wishes

Today we stopped by the Kites for Wishes extravaganze at Asan Park. Although it caused a huge traffic jam it was still a lot of fun to see all the kites. There was also a kite surfer doing tricks in the bay. Although it was really hot, it was about perfect with the breeze under the palm trees. Enjoy the pics.

Happy Valentines


Sho got her flowers a day early this year. Guam floral shops have a set "Menu" like the restaurants. I didn't want their overpriced roses that last 1 day so I had to do a little fandangling. She loved the bouquet and then we had dinner at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant. Happy Valentines.

Renovations #2

Now were have also started to remodel the little laundry room. The room only had cement so we decided to try our hand at a little tilling! Anyway, as you can see were not quite done. The man we purchased the tile from was a Shady Korean dude. Halfway through the second line we found out he gave us two sizes of tile. As most people know, tiles won't look that great after a few mis-sized ones are placed. Anyway, after convincing the lame guy that we needed the same size tiles they got us new ones. We'll try again next week!! We also started to make a mess around the vanity. It needs a power socket... Who wouldn't put a plug in a vanity area???? Have a great week.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


In the Kitchen: The opening was about a foot lower. Making you feel like you were in a cafeteria. I had to cut down metal studs and push everything up which was a pain. At least now you can look out; or in without ducking!!

In the master bedroom there was a large wasted space above one of our closets. What you see framed now was just drywall. We demolished the old wall, removed metal studs and chipped out cement gun nails. As you can see its now on the way to giving us quite a bit of storage space!!

Keep an Eye out in the near future for the Caribou of the week photo.

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