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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guacamole Night

Greetings, last weekend I decided to share my Avocado Wealth (Thanks to wonderful patients) with the Woods. We got together and whipped up a few kinds of Guacamole. They were smooth and very tasty. Hopefully I can get my patients to bring in some more because my tree that I planted is growing painfully slow....almost like the Pinapple. Anyway, Shoshanna gets back tonight so there will be a few pictures of a little surprise I've made for her. Check back!!!
Mike Making the Guac with Sea Salt and Herbs....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Opps, Oops, Poops, Spops...I think it's in there somewhere Ryan :-)

Well, I was moving my Pineapple to sunny pastures and Snap... While the harvest was premature by a few weeks, it still had a decent flavor that even Eric enjoyed. Luckily the plant already has a sucker so in the next few months...years. Maybe I'll have another one ready!

We went down to Piti Channel for a night dive last Sunday night. Great weather and water proved to bring a few nice critter to our attention. I didn't need to share my air with anyone either....:-) The Spanish Dancers were particularly nice. As you can see below there are really small ones all the way up to adults wither their mantles out...Enjoy!!

Large Cowrie with soft spiky mantle.

Toby Eye

Small Cowrie with pretty stripped mantle.

I started a storage area in the guest bedroom while Shoshanna is gone. It's coming along and hopefully will be a place to stash goodies!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hospital Point

This weekend we had a negative tide and decided to walk around Hospital Point. We had fun finding baby Octo's in the tide pools and urchin shells. At one point we had to split up the group. Families with little kids turned around but the Fly's, Edwin and us decided to go all the way around. At one point you can no longer walk on the small reef flat below the cliff line. Thus you must jump in and swim to the next area. The waves weren't too bad so we all bailed into the ocean. Unfortunately, Edwin didn't feel to comfortable in the small swells. After a little drama getting him back up on the ledge we continued the walk. Sho and I snorkeled for a while. I had our waterlogged gear bag as well as Edwin's backpack. All that drag made it a chore to keep up with Shoshanna. Anyway, once up on the reef flat again Dixie found a black nudibranch. We had already see him but while we watch him crawl away we saw the small bubble shell below. Not quite a nudibranch but a close relative. We've been wanting to find one and now we have it. July 4 was fun, but I didn't find anything too explosive in the stores :-( There are a few bonus Yap pictures, Enjoy!!

My Pinapple is getting big, but the sprout on top is even bigger.

Leaving Ulithi all flowered up.

A "Mans" house, to hang out at...why don't we have one of these?

Me at the Money Bank...who needs a bank when got cash like this!!!

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