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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sneek Peek at our upcoming video!

Currenly being edited by Mystic Manta Productions
PS: The static on the end was incorporated by YouTube ;-)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Palau 2006 - Sharks, Rays & Everything in Between

Well, the crew just got back from Palau. Just in case you forgot the crew was Ken & Crystal Pierson, Eric & Dixie Fly and of course Shoshanna and I. Anyway...what a time we had!!! To start things off we headed off to Palau via Yap. Unfortunately we didn't have any wild & crazy landing in Yap. Once in Palau the first day greeted us with warm sunny skies (Which were supposed to be cloudy and rainy). Even though we were in Palau to dive the trip to the dive sites is almost as enjoyable. The rock islands are amazing unto themselves. Poping out of the water everywhere and covered with foliage. Some islands were so close that you could jump from one to the other. To our amazement our boat drive Flavin would sometimes take us right through those gaps.

On Sabbeth we decided to drive around the island. To our ammusement the roads were quite pot holed in town, and turned to dirt just past the airport, but...about 10 mintues into the middle of nowhere a very nice paved highway pops up. The highways leads to a work in progress. The work in question is none other than a new capitol building that rivals most american buildings....Ha!! I guess when they first turned on the power the whole island electricity went out :-) Needless to say there is much debate about why and where they are building this thing. We also visited the stone faces...(not as glorious as it seems) and also their curtain waterfall. After our hot day in the sun we headed back for some more Z's before the next days diving.

The next few days were spent diving around Palau. We did have some rain but God gave us the only boat with drop down rain flys. How much more luck could we get. We also had a wonderful run with a huge pod of dolphins and spent the afternoon on Survivor Island (Yes, from the reality show) Although the pictures will tell the rest of the story. I must add that Palau is an amazing place and we plan to go back a few more times before we leave Guam. Let us know if you want to join us and we'll all plan the next trip togetter. Until next time!

If you want to see many more of my underwater Photos click the link to my Underwater Gallery

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dining & Dolphins

Yesterday we went on a few dives to get ready for Palau! It was our luck that we also ran into some dolphins...we still think they may have been pilot whales. Anyway, I got luck enough to swim with them, even though all I can produce is a poor picture :-( When we got back I went a did a little harvest from my garden and look what I found!!! Yeah, not to bad eh Dad!!

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