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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unique Links

New addition to our blog.
Every once and a while we come upon a unique and interesting site that effects us in a special way. Sometimes we email the web address to everyone or just enjoy the site and move on. I just added something called "Unique Links" to our Blog to record such sites. After reading the latest Conde Nast Traveler I again found myself wishing I could be on a plane to somewhere. ..anywhere. One article had mini biographies of photographers most powerful travel experiences. Gregory Colberts mixture of art, wild animals and the human subject really inspired me. Enjoy his site!
Ashes and Snow.
~If you have a unique site to share let me know~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ausie Girls

Well, Shoshanna and Hillary are back from their trip. My wife had a few issues with the camera so were going to have to wait for Hillary to send us some more pictures. Anyway, here is one we were able to download from the Koala Sanctuary. Maybe there will be more to follow if were lucky :-) Have a great weekend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Family Member?

Greeting Everyone,
I'm batching it this weekend while my wife heads to Australia. Anyway, I've been left with a couple different ladies while she's gone. Cienna and Kianga... It seems we MIGHT be the house where she resides permanently. Kianga means burst of sunshine in Swahili (honoring our recent african trip). Chime in on the name if you wish!! It seems Cienna is finally accepting her as a member of sorts into her domain. Her sore arm is healing and she now is pouncing even more at around 5:00 every morning. Anyway, enjoy a couple pictures I just took.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hillary is Here!!!

We are lucky to have Hillary Hillier (say that 5 times fast) here for a couple days before the girls head to Australia. Last night we enjoyed a great meal at California Pizza Kitchen with the Fly's. Today I had the day off so we went down to Piti Bomb Holes to get some Scuba Diving in. Even though it was great fun but I'm not sure it will compare to the Great Barrier Reef they'll dive next week ;-) Enjoy the photos!!!

Heading out!

Jellyfish from a Dive Last Week

Bali Pic's

A couple weeks back we had a great weekend in Bali. Here is a nice panorama of the Rice Terraces we had lunch at. I'll try to get a few more pics up later!
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