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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Dive for Andy

This week will be the last for Andy Burmudez. He has been one of our computer techs over the last year or so. He will be heading back to Tennessee this Saturday so he wanted to get one more dive in! We decided to dive to Toki & Cormoran. A very interesting dive that has a World War I and II ship sunk side by side! Anyway, we had a great dive and yes...I found a new nudibranch!

Andy with a pair of Golden Trevalies.

Sho Between the Tokai Maru and SMS Cormoran.

Another new and Beautiful Nudibranch that I haven't named yet. Heather should like this one!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Dive

Well, we went out today on the quest of a 7th straight dive with a new critter. Strangely enough I recently had a patient who is quite the expert on Nudbranch's and their relatives. For those of you who don't understand my fascination with Nudibranchs here's why... Nudibranchs are sea slugs with the most amazing and crazy colors in the ocean. Everywhere you go they have different varieties, which make's for endless possibilities. Not only are they colorful and cute, since they move slooooooooow, they are excellent subjects for photography. Needless to say my patient gave us great information on where to find these critters. Today we headed of to Apra harbor in search of 2 Nudibranchs. Not only did we find 1 of those, we also found 2 other nudies that were just awesome. Click here to see my current Nudiranch Gallery

Easter Hike up Lam Lam

On Sabbath afternoon the Fly's, Oakley & Us decided to hike up Mt. Lam Lam. In actuality it is the highest mountain in the world...Yes you heard me right. Since we have the Marianas trench right below us, if you count that as the bottom the summit of Lam Lam makes it the highest...kinda ;-) Anyway, it was a wonderful Guam evening and we enjoyed a little reflection on the crucifixion. It was a great evening to spend with friends.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Quest for Nudie's

Eric & I continued our quest to find more nudibranchs this week. Thursday we did a night dive at Piti chanel. As usual we wern't disappointed. We found 2 new nudibranchs, 2 new flatworms, fed an eel one of my bait shrimp, caught a cute baby octopus, found a hermit crab with an anemone on its shell...and I drifted into a sea urchin! That happened because the currents in the channel. When the power plant needs to cool down the currents whip through the cement tubes we dive also appears I didn't realize one of many urchins was below me ;-) As usual the pictures are in my underwater gallery(Link on Right) but here are a couple good ones below!! Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Guam didn't Disapoint!!

This friday afternoon, Eric, Martin and I went diving. This time we were on a mission!! Over the week we got a few tips on where to find some critters. So off to Outhouse Beach and Piti USO Hole!! Both dives proved worthwhile! At Outhouse beach we found a new Nudibranch....Always a welcome sight, and at USO Hole we found a Frogfish!!! Yeah, baby! Were on a role!! We'll see what next week brings up ;-)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Shot of a Lifetime!

Wow...this weekend we did a simple, shallow dive at Piti Channel. Our dive group consisted of Ken Pierson, Martin Klein, Eric Fly and I. The four of us were just trying to find a peaceful place to dive but were pleasently surprised. Actually, it was probably one of the best photo dives I have had on Guam. We started out by diving through 5 concrete tunnels, then I caught an octopus and took some pictures (A first for me), then we found a nice Mantis Shrimp; and to top it off, we found a rare leaf fish, and I got the picture of a lifetime. First off all I was excited just to see the thing in Guam. Then I happened to put my camera on full manual (No Shutter Lag), then I just happened to be focus and ready when he made a strange feeding protrussion with his mouth...Snap! I got the shot!!! Now maybe many of you don't appreciate the moment like I do; but it's always nice to have exciting moments that puts a smile on our face. There were a few more pictures from the dive on my Scubaboard Underwater Gallery if you want ot see more.

While the guys were diving and relaxing the girls participated in a SDA Womens Retreat. They had really good speakers, pleasant company and seemed to enjoy the whole weekend. Unfortunately the fun is over and now we must return to another week of work! Talk to you again soon!

Upside Down Tomatoes Update

We now have a upturned Tomatoe plant :-) Two of the three plants died so I planted a few more. They are a small and little behind but they should make it. I also planted a few basel plants in the top...why waste the space!!!

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