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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick Pics

The Kids at Play (Zoe, Eathan & Ashlyn)

Getting my Hygiene done in Tulabmen, Bali

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A few quick Bali Pictures

Elo and Ashlyn...they got along great.

Dad and their kids...pool time.
Mom, Dad and Ashlyn

Mid Dive Cool Off

Play Time in the bedroom.

Sho with a school of jacks.
Sho with a Mimic Octopus
Morning light on Ashlyn


Ghost Pipefish...she's prego.
Painted Frogfish...a great find.
Cleaning Station...I got my teeth cleaned too. Pic to follow!

Goby and Housemate

Bubble Coral and resident
A bunch of Nudibranchs...a couple old ones but mostly new!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Diving Again

Recently we found what long eluded us in Guam...A Harlequin Shrimp (1 Inch)

Mating Boxer Crabs

A kinda new Nudibranch

Our Trip Home

Ashlyn happy to see Grandpa Again!!

Enjoying the SF Skyline

Cooking lessons

Uncle Bob and Aunt Heather with Ashlyn

Ashlyn enjoying the grass

4 Generations of Ordelheides

Ashlyn and Heather..Ahhh

Say What?

Uncle Dennis and Aunt Janet (Who made the quilt Ashlyn Loves)
Hillary and Ashlyn

Shoshanna and Tatum

Hilliers and Ordelheides

Heather and happy Ashlyn

What are you looking at?

I'm so funny!

Okay, I'm tired take me to bed.

The Kings go wild...and Ashyn has the card to win!

The ladies of Oakdale

Mom and our girl

The grandparents doing late night sleep maneuvers...that didn't work, she just enjoyed the ride.

Daddy's Girl

Elmo is soooo interesting

Ashlyn, Shoshanna & Grandma Rowena

Ashlyn and Uncle Stan

Ashlyn and Aunt Shelly

Family Photo
Mason the Ham

Old Buddies and their kids

Action on the Columbia
Girls picking Raspberries

The Clarks visit Walla Walla :)

Ashlyn and Kristy
Special Time with Saba

Old friends with their Kids (Tina)

Ashlyn and Nedra

Ashlyn and Lisa

Cooking French finally worked.

A Walla Walla Sunset

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