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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yap, Top O Mar & Dry Ice Bombs

Well is almost the weekend. Last week this time I was in Ulithi, an outer island of Yap. We were flown over on PMA (Pacific Mission Aviation). As you can see from the slide show the runway was as long as the island. We slept on mats and a few mattresses in the dispensary which took a little getting used to. The island is in the middle of nowhere in there really isn't anything to do accept eat, fish and sleep. Crazily enough they have a generator that supplies power so we squeaked out a little A/C in a couple rooms. The people were great and it was a memorable experience. Hopefully we will be able to go back again before we leave.
Slide show was put together by Crystal....It's too good and I'm too lazy!

It was nice to be in a proper dental office again this week. Adjustable chair, good lights, but it was still work ;-) We meet Dixie's brother and Sister in Law at Top O Mar for dinner which was quite tasty as usual. Unfortunately, they had doused the tables with Bleach to kill mold and didn't wipe it off. My nice (but old) GAP shirt was ruined as was Dixies good Khakis....Their response was, thats too bad. No come back on us, or tonights is free. Anyway, intriguing customer service.
Photo stolen from Eric Fly's Page

I was also able to relive the glory days this week. Ken Lee our pharmacist got some Vaccines that were packed in Dry Ice. You know me, I couldn't pass that up. Mike Woods and I went out and filled a few bottles...The big one that we thought was a dude went off right behind us when were weren't looking...Gooood Times. Too bad no photos of that one. Maybe next time!! Anyway, there a little update.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here is a little video montage from our Pohnpei trip. For all you guys that were SM's out there...It's a beautiful island!!! We had a great time and would love to go back again. Enjoy.

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