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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sneek Peek at our upcoming video!

Currenly being edited by Mystic Manta Productions
PS: The static on the end was incorporated by YouTube ;-)


Ken & Crystal said...

Hey Chad and Sho,
We can't view your video. It says it's "private" and you have to be invited to view it. Let us know how to view it! We're excited to see it (--our photos too... um, hum ;-)
Ken and Crystal

Gloria said...

Great video! What fantastic shots! Ken & Crystal report a wonderful time had by all. You guys are having the time of your life! Brings back memories of our mission days! Enjoy & God bless!
Ken & Gloira

Andersons said...

Great video,
I frequently think that it would be great to be on a boat chasing dolphins. Looking forward to the full feature presentation.
I stole your "YouTube" idea and we put some pictures online at
Hope to hear from you.

From the mainland,
Roger and Stephanie

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