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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Live from China

Hello Everyone who probably isn't seeing this. Right now the group is Guilin and getting ready to head of to Xian to see the terracota warriors. We have all gone through the wonderful stomach 24 flu and were still holding on. Anyway, it's late so here are a few quick picks of the trip so far.


Heather Thayne said...

Don't forget about me.....I'm reading it!!

So sorry about the flu! Hope you were still able to enjoy the trip!!

Love you guys,

Ryan Barenchi said...

Looks like fun guys! But the foot ulcers I debrided today were way better! JK> Have a great time. Ryan.

Jeremy & Bibi said...

Hey Chad & Sho, we are loving your blog!! Keep it up! It's great to follow what you are up to out there in great China.

We look forward to more posts so Brianna can get to know your pictures and recognize you when she meets you in person.

Love you guys,

Jeremy, Bibi & Brianna

Jordan said...

Looks like you are all having a blast. Looks beautiful also. I tried emailing you but both addresses were undeliverable. So here is the messsage.

I got your call the other day. Things have been very busy here with school ending and all. Sorry for the delayed reply. Things are going well at the house. C and I are best of friends. The way she puts it we are soul mates. Well, at least she lets me pet her. Actually, it is more like she makes me pet her, but that is ok with me. She has soft hair. Which is now all over the computer! -blows hair off screan- Hehe. She is fun. I have been watering the plants every day and they are doing well.

I am leaving on Thursday, as you know. I will just leave the key on the kitchen table. I think you can get it without it.

See you in a couple of months!


Shiloh said...

Hey chad i was googleing you lol and i saw this very cool i hope your haveing fun way over there! :-)

from: Your cousin Shiloh

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