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Sunday, July 16, 2006

2nd Guam Plane Crash

Well, today I did one of my deepest dives yet, max 160 ft. It was a lot of fun, sharks, crinoids and various other schools of fish. On the way back I saw my second Guam plane incident!!! It appeared that the pilot of this Cessna (To whom I met on the beach) had engine trouble and couldn't make it to the airport. He did manage to do a great water landing about 40 feet of shore. All 3 on board were fine and tow trucks were waiting on the beach...I'm still not quite sure what they were going to do. Anyway, good times in Guam :-)


Gloria said...

Great talking to you yesterday. Yes, we had taken a quick look at your sight but didn't take time to comment. You see some pretty interesting sights plane sight there in Guam!!!! You are getting to be quite the diver - just so wonderful to enjoy another aspect of God's creation! Love to keep up with your happenings, Love, Auntie Gloria & Uncle Ken

fsordelheide said...


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