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Sunday, October 22, 2006

B-Day Fun!!

Ahhh, Coldstone Cake!!!

Sho's Surprise Helicopter Ride

Two Lover Leap

One of many waterfalls

Mountains of Guam

Nuclear Subs in the Harbor


Ken & Crystal said...

Happy 30th Chad!!!!! We are glad you have such a sweet wife to suprise you with so many goodies on your special day!
Love, Ken and Crystal

Gloria said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Chad!!! Can't believe it is the Big 30, already!!! Remember you running all around Malawi when you were just 3 years old!!! Looks like you had a fun B/day!!! Wishing you a very blessed year. Love, Uncle Ken & Auntie Gloria

Andersons said...

Hello Chaddy,
Happy Birthday Cous! Mission work doesn't look all that bad. Next you'll be sky diving out of the helicoptors:)
You've got a nephew with almost the same B-day now. Take a look at our blogspot.
Stephanie and I miss you guys.


Dawn Jerrard said...

Happy Birthday, Chad!! Seems like you had a day of surprises!
How time has flitted by!
We wish you a wonderful year ahead, filled with God's blessings and many good things!
Dawn and Ray.

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