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Monday, August 13, 2007

FYI - Scuba Factoids

Hafa Adai! Well, I just logged my 250th dive so I thought I would share a few factoids from by homemade logbook (Excel). Theres is probably only a handful of people who will find this interesting, so I won't feel bad if you click that "X" in the upper right corner now!! Ha!!

Here we go:

1. ) I have spent 10 Days, 21 Hours & 44 Minutes Underwater... that sounds like a lot until you think about drivers who spend 1 hour on the road to work, one hour back home, each day, 5 days a week. It would only take them 6 months to amass that much time wasted in traffic...I'd rather be diving! It only takes me 4 minutes to get to work. He he he!!

2.) We bought our gear, and so if I rented from myself it would only cost $9.51 / Dive. Better than the $20-30 or so per dive.

3.) Longest Dive: 2 hours 11 mintues
Deepest Dive 160 ft
Most PSI in my Tank, 3800 (3000 is normal)
Lost PSI to surface with, 60 (500 is suggested...had to get the picture)
How much air do I breath 40.51 psi/minutes...
Longest time at a Deco Stop, 15 minutes

4.) Saddest Dive:
August 13, 2006 - It broke our string of 14 Dives with a new nudibranch
Scaries Dive September 16, 2006 - My dive bro Eric ran our of a night! Memories!!
Funniest Dive: Scaring Shoshanna by making her think there were Sharks behind her in Chuuk (There were school of sharks around us!! Ok maybe it was only funny to me ;-)
Most Relaxing Dive: Tulamben, Bali
Most Stressful Dive: Dropping into Blue Holes Palau with the Waves, Current with a stressed out wife. She's much better now!!!
Best Dive on Guam - Blue Hole

There you have a few random facts that will surely get you through your next day!


Bev said...

love your scuba factoids Chad! You've inspired me to blog about mine. Btw, my friends from Loma Linda have moved to Guam! So i will be visiting you guys alot more often=) Hope all is well on your end. I heard Dr. Ng passed the boards! Sweet.

i have linked you to my blog=)

Jerrard Family said...

Coooool!! Love it all...

Conan, Amanda & Jett

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