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Thursday, August 07, 2008

First Ortho Case

Today I had the pleasure of removing the bands & Brackets on my first Ortho Case. She started with her two upper laterals (second from the middle) tucked behind her bottom teeth. She is such a cute girl and those teeth distracted from that fact. She was leaving for college next week so they decided to get them off a little early. They were happy with how they looked but I would rather have kept her in them a little longer for some fine tunning. I'm sure my Dad, and a few other will have some comments on what I did wrong....Ha! Anyway, it was fun to see how excited she was to get them straightened out!!!

1 comment:

Los Simi said...

Excelente trabajo Chad! y no importa lo que ella está feliz y vos también, es un buen trabajo!

Saludos desde Argentina.

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