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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures from Palau

We had a great time in Palau!! I'll have to borrow some of the group photos later. Here are a few underwater photos of what we saw.

Gray Reef Shark...Lots of em.
Nudibranch - Chromodoris Kunei
Squat Lobster hanging on in Ulong Channel
Turtle Posing
Chamber Nautilus

A new Flatworm...Thanks Mike!!

Smile for the Camera!
Nudibranch - Notodoris minor
Purple Dart Fish
Chambered Nautilus
Mandarin Fish
Another Turtle...of many.
Kunei doing a Marilyn Monroe impression!!
Clown Fish

This spot reserved for the Tiger Shark that didn't Show :-(


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite. It was a great trip. Diving in Palau was a long time dream come true for me. All the divers were great some more then others but the other great thing to me was that I got to do it with all my great dive buddies. Thanks guy!! :)

Raul, Gissy, Emily y Mathias Schneider said...

Excellent picture. What camera are you using? Should came try some diving here in Papua New Guinea, some great spots. Cheers!

Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

LOVE the chamber nautilus! I've never seen one of those! I think you should enter the smiling goby in a photo contest or submit it to a dive magazine -- it's CUTE! Glad you all had a great time!

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