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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Outhouse Beach with Mike

Today Mike convinced me to get back into the water after Palau. It was an awesomely hot and tropical day so it sounded pretty good. Especially after I got into my wetsuit and baked in the sun before jumping in. ended up being a great dive. I even saw a new Nudibranch which always a great dive. Here are a few pictures, enjoy!!

Small 4-5mm crabs that ride around on a long sea cucumber!!

My new find...a Species of Philinopsis
A second on with a little ligher coloration, you can actually see through it to is organs.

A new pipefish
Check out the little growths/camouflage on is head.

An Old Turtle....see the Barnacles on his top shell and belly!

Glossodoris symetricus...and old find but always good to see again!!


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

yeah! That's a GREAT dive! Nudibranch's and turtles and new stuff all over the place....! Very sweet!

Chad & Ronda said...

We enjoy your pictures so much! I want you to publish some of them in a book so we can have it all the time. It's fun to show Mason the fish pictures too. We are looking forward to seeing you guys in October! It can't come soon enough. RJ

Gloria Pierson said...

Amazing creatures you keep seeing. Loved the turtle!!! such wonderful colors under the sea!

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