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Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Diving Bad Luck

Here area few more Dive Pictures. Unfortunately, I'm now looking for a new camera to go in my housing (Fly should appreciate that). Enjoy

Big Turtles

Sea Urching

Chromodoris vibrata

New Nudibranch

Hypselodoris violabranchia

Pseudocero furrugineus

5 comments: said...

Great Shots !...

Ciao from Italy =^.^=

Gordon n Kay said...

Chad what happened. Did your housing leak? If you did bummer. Great pictures.

DawnJerrard said...

What amazing colours!!

Fly on the Wall said...

Ahh the joys and unjoys of diving. Great nudis man. I so wish I was there instead of 30 degrees and snow. What happened to the camera???? I can relate. Ouch. 7 weeks til PI. Enjoy the trip and say hi to the fam for us.

Anonymous said...

Finding those colorful gems on the ocean floor, reefs, sunken ships, must be close to mining for gold! How exciting to have a camera and share the excitement! Love it..Congradulations on looking foward to building your family...thought the cat thing would wear really did like the cat in cardboard box!
God Bless you all! love auntie connie

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