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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ashlyn, Graybill Leave & Friends Get Together

This week was fun but sad. Ashlyn got a little older, the Graybills are headed back to the states and friends got together to enjoy each others company.


Ashlyn...a happy baby.
Homemade photo shoot.


Good Friends

Girls enjoying Ritidian

Dad strolling down the beach

Dad and Daughter enjoying the Hammock

Graybills and their little niece

Inspiration from Mike

Dad taking care of baby Ashlyn

Ordelheide, Parkers and Taitagues get together


DawnJerrard said...

Another lot of photo's of happy times with your little girl! I love the "Happy Baby" one, but they are all special.
Love from us.

Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

CUTE shots! Love the group one on the beach...very nice! Ashlyn is a doll & we CAN'T WAIT to see her!

Gloria Pierson said...

Adorable pictures o f Ashlyn - can't get enough of them!!! Looks like you are having fun with the parents - making memories!!!

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