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Sunday, July 04, 2010

New News

Grandpa O's Gift to Ashlyn...nice custom made wooden letters, a labor of love, sand paper and a little more sandpaper and another layer paint :-)

OOG (Only on Guam)...SUV going down the wrong side of a one way road...the Bemmer didn't see him coming....oops.

Family Portrait

Gun at a REALLY low tide.

Wierd People

Dad's & Kids

Mom's and Kids

Ashlyn learning to feed herself...Dad on duty ;-)

Ocean Pics
Bumblebee shrimp...a rare critter that has long eluded me!

Another Angle

Philine orca

Elysia sp.

Hoplodoris sp??

Limendra nodosa

Odontoglaja guamensis

Plakobranchus ocellatus

Eggs of a Spanish Dancer
Some strange coral crab.


Gloria Pierson said...

Grandpa O did an expert job!!!! Great to see you all having so much fun! Love the pictures of the kids and parents! Wonderful memories!!!

Fly on the Wall said...

Nice bumble bee pics. You guys saw more then we did today. just got to keep getting wet. It was fun with the piersons here. Peace.

Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

so pretty "Ashlyn" letters & Ashlyn girlie! :-) and love the bumble bee shrimp!!! sweet! It was GREAT seeing you all. love ya!

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