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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Variety of Piti Channel

As usual, one of our favorite dive spots produced a nice variety of critter tonight. I'm sure Eric wishes he was there and Mike....your not going to find these in Michigan :-( Enjoy!

A New Phyllodesmium species for Guam

Lots of Forskalii's out tonight

Sand Anemone with wild colors

Colorful Crab

Philiopsis sp or Juv.

Some Nice Bumblebee Shrimp


Pseudobiceros gratus

Some Growing Shells my parents didn't find ;-)

Strange Cowrie
Green Sea Grass Critter

H. maculosa

G. hikuerensis

Large Pipefish


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

beautiful new species for Guam pic! love the bumble bee shrimp too!

Gloria Pierson said...

Nice pics but I want to see more of Ashlyn!!!!

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