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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Proof of Profession!!

I just wanted to share a couple cases that made me smile recently. Enough of these cases help outweigh the days of crying, gagging, complaining, whining, yada yada....patients. ;-)

This lady came in and wanted to close the spaces. Originally I had thought about Lab Veneers but I wasn't told she was scheduled. Thus I wasn't ready for temps, etc. When she came in I decided to freehand them directly chairside. I was quite happy how they turned out and so was the patient.

This guys needed a crown on one of his front two teeth. Can you tell which one? After recently meeting a new labtech I put his skills to the test. As you can see he has mastered the art of Decalcifications, Stained Craze lines, intrinsic stains and beauty. I was extremely impressed as was the patient!!


Anonymous said...

Very impressive Chaddius Maximus!! You are the man!
Love you,

Los Simi said...

Excelentes pruebas de profesionalismo en misiĆ³n!
Dios los bendiga Chad!

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