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Friday, November 02, 2007

Country Club of the Pacific Golf Course

Today Eric, Woody and I went out for a few holes of Golf. It was a great day, ocean view and I even managed to make a few pars. Woody walked away with the only Birdie though. We really enjoyed the course and the wild boars made for a little extra golf cart chasing excitement!! Have a great weekend.


Ken & Crystal said...

Truly a Guam original! Wild boars on the greens! Great vid!

Anonymous said...

Are the "Chad Vader" videos that come up after watching you video yours too Chad? Ryan If so I'm super impressed, those are funny as anything!

DawnJerrard said...

Enjoyed your video!
Chasing wild boars on the greens!!!
You're like my brother-in-law who's had to chase warthogs on golfcourses in Africa!
We've enjoyed your updates!
That bathroom will be something when it's finished!!
God bless,
The J's

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