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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trip to the Phillipines

Greetings everyone. We were luck to take a few extra days vacation last week and head to the PI. Needless to say the traffic even at midnight was insane. After a 3-4 hour trip down to Anilao, Batangas we settled in at Eagle Point Resort. The people were great and so was the diving. As usual we got VERY lucky with the weather. A couple days before we arrived there were multiple Typhoons around PI and we even had some Blue Skies...Wow, God is good. Diving was amazing. Not tones of large things but the quantity of colorful reefs and fish was astounding. We came away with a few new nudibranchs and enjoyed the company of the Fly's. Now it's back to the grind at the Clinic. Enjoy the pictures.


Los Simi said...

Awesome and beautiful pics of God's creation.

Greetings from Argentina, and big hug for you.

Anonymous said...

I barely escaped that vicious crinoid attack with my life. Hee hee. Great pics. Thanks for some more great memories.

In Singapore airport and will be home soon. Peace.

The Flys

Ken & Crystal said...

Wow Guys! Great dive trip. Glad you found some new nudies. (shew!) ;-) Beautiful reef shots. Isn't it great living out here?! We're so blessed.

Gloria Pierson said...

Beautiful pictures - looks like you had a wonderful time taking footage and seeing more of God's creation. The "GOP" parents got together this wkd for fun and visiting. Missed the rest of the "kids"!

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