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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kyaking the Tolafofo River

This Sabbath afternoon we were asked by Dr. Wresh and the Brechts to go Kayaking down the Telofofo river. We've been here 3 years and this was a first for us. Even though the ocean we very choppy we entered just up the river which was a little more calm. Wendy was planning on riding in Ed's Canoe until it capsized shortly after departure. She then spent the next few hours exploring the east side of the island while the rest of us paddled west. It was really quite beautiful and only would have been nicer if we had wildlife perched among the trees. In the end we had to be happy with a lone Carabao. Even though we had a great time and even got the "Old Chamorro Village" tour by Dr. Wresh...Thanks again for inviting us!! Enjoy.

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John Dax said...

I miss Talofofo! And there are Jolene, Rich, and Dr. Brecht...I miss them too. Please let them know that John on Saipan says, "Merry Christmas." Thanks!

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