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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year Send of for Taylor

We just finished a great two weeks with Shoshanna's parents. It started of slow and relaxed. We then realize in the last two days many of the things we wanted to do weren't accomplished. Thus I took Ed diving on Friday afternoon to Fisheye...I'm sure he was certified. Then Sabbath morning we got up early to trek to Sigua Falls. The water was very refreshing and the weather was perfect. We then ran home and headed out to Ritidian beach where they enjoyed the water and I enjoyed at Looooong nap under some palm trees. Needless to say we got most of the things checked off our list. I'm sure their happy to be home in the 20 degree Walla Walla weather...he he he! Come and visit again soon!
Diver Ed

Shoshanna and Ed at the Tank Farm

Ed and I at lower Sigua
Ed and Wendy at Ritidian

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