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Friday, October 24, 2008

Ausie Girls

Well, Shoshanna and Hillary are back from their trip. My wife had a few issues with the camera so were going to have to wait for Hillary to send us some more pictures. Anyway, here is one we were able to download from the Koala Sanctuary. Maybe there will be more to follow if were lucky :-) Have a great weekend.


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

Awwww! I want to do that! Can't wait to see more pics and hear about your trip!!! Our church is holding evangelistic meetings right now and we haven't had any free time out side of work and the meetings to give you a call. Happy Sabbath!

Gloria Pierson said...

Love the Koala picture! they are sweet animals!!! Australia is a great place. We'll watch for more pictures!

The Haytons said...

Did it surprise you how the Koala really isn't that soft, but rather has coarse fur and smells so much like Eucalyptus? Still one of my favorite animals. Glad you had a good trip to my home country. I'm taking Benson there next week, but unfortunately Ryan is staying behind to work. I'll check back for more pics. How fun!

DawnJerrard said...

How long were they in Oz??? Pity they were so far north of us!
Shoshanna was fortunate to be able to hold a koala. In NSW one is allowed only to pat one.
God bless!
The J's

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