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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anilao, Philipine Dive Weekend

Hafa Adai Everyone,
Eric and I had the pleasure of heading down to Anilao, Batangas this last weekend. We had been in the area before but didn't have amazing diving. This time we stayed at Club Occelaris who dives guides were amazing. 2 days of diving, 9 dives, 20+ New nudibranch and many other new and old critters. Needless to say we had and awesome time. There is a slideshow with about 100+ photos, but I'll add my 5 favorite finds for those not SO interested in Nudibranchs. A good time was had by all!!!

Gymnodoris rubropaillosa
Janolus sp.
Chromodoris Roboi
Armenia sp.
Occleated Blue Ring (Note Blue Ring under eye, click to enlarge)

For the Die-Hard Macro People....enjoy!


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

Wow! Great macro shots in the slide show!!! I like the bob tailed squid, the mother and baby bullockii and many others! Amazing pics! Looks like you and Eric got to do LOTS of what you LOVE -- take pictures of nudies! ;-) Crystal

Fly on the Wall said...

Great pics man. I don't remember a couple of those flatworms. What the??? I cannot believe that is only two days of diving. Off the hook.

DawnJerrard said...

What a fantastic, colourful array of creatures large and small!!!
Well done!!!
Was interested to see that you also get the blue-ringed octopus there as here in Australia - although seems a bit different - as some of the ones here in Lake Macquarie (not far from where we live - largest coastal lake in Oz) has a lot, as well as the barrier reef etc. These ones have several blue rings? Did some research & see that BR Octopupi are found from Japan down! - in the Pacific ocean. (You probably already know that!!!)
God bless!

Gloria Pierson said...

Amazing pictures of more nudies. Such wonderful color and amazing shapes. Such fun!

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