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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend we enjoyed a few hikes some food and even a little relaxation. Sabbath we went down 1000 Steps thinking we would encounter a nice low tide. Instead we found the wave pounding the rocks. Needless to say our IQ's hadn't risen to their normally high stature and we headed down to tidpools anyway. On one occasion I remember looking back after a huge wave and not being able to see Scott and Mikes head above water. If you want to see our insanity look at Scott and Erica's Blog... On Sunday we had a brunch at our place and enjoyed some homemade goodies that were full of cavity fighting vitamins!! Now the week starts all over so back to work!!

1000 Steps

Sunday Brunch

1 comment:

Gloria Pierson said...

Craziness!!! I'm so glad you survived to tell the story!!! Those waves looked nasty and powerful!!! So neat to have so many friends to enjoy island life with you!

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