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Monday, July 13, 2009

After a weekend in Saipan

Last Poker Game with Mike for a while.
Kayak Diving with Ken

We saw about 12 Eagle Rays

Nice Macro Shrimp Goby

Friendly Eel

Windy Evening at Topachau (sp?)


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

cute pics! Love the Tapochou one! (Don't know how to spell it either and I live here :) We're so glad you guys came over for a visit! Long live Rook and Mexican Train - although, Shoshanna may disagree with long live: Mexican Train. The Train wasn't on her side that day...! ha! :)

Fly on the Wall said...

Nice goby as you said. Good times.

DawnJerrard said...

Nice photo of the two of you!
Interesting to see a striped goby!
that eel looks fierce to me!!
Love from us.

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