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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Independence day update

Greetings everyone and happy 4th!!!

I've been a poor blog poster the last few weeks so I decided to give you a quick and delineated update....since it's 11 o'clock and I want to go to bed!

#1: The leak from the appartments above have been fixed and so we finished ripping out the drywall in the washroom and replacing it! Done!!

#2: Our cat Kianga has found a new place to sleep! Maybe we haven't been doing a good enough job on building her self esteem.

#3: Thanks to a Home Depot gift card the Piersons gave me, I now have my computer printer and other goodies off the ground...Thanks guys!!

#4: This weekend we watch a movie called Defiance. Wow!! It's a TRUE story about a group of Jews (numbering 1000+ by the end of the war.) that wandered through a Belarussian forest. While at the same time maintaining a semblance of life, they fought the Nazi's, made "friends" with the Russian resistance, outlasted freezing winters and did it for over 2 years. It's a great story about survival and the will to live. The other two movies on the poster a good too. Blood Diamond and The last Samurai. Watch them all!

1 comment:

Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

Hey! You're printer, etc looks great! glad that certificate came in handy! See you this weekend!

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