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Friday, February 26, 2010

February News

The Crew at Top of the Mar
Starting the Babies Room

Mantas on Sabbath Morning

Aaron getting the Shot

A few Nudies...Cyerca Sp
Elysia tomentosa

Gymnodoris sp.

Odontoglaja guamensis

Siphopteron nigromarginatum


Gloria Pierson said...

Creative work in the Baby's room! Great job, Chad!!! Was great to chat with you both for a few minutes yesterday! Looks like you keep having fun with friends and diving as well. Hope to see you when I'm out that way! Maybe I'll even get to see Baby Girl 'O' before her Grammy 'O'! Blessings to you as you prepare for the big day!

Ben Soon said...

Nice shot of the manta. The blue colours in the background is mesmerizing.

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