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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not Just Nudibranchs

Tempura Night
Parkers and Graybills (-Aaron) came over to dine on the make it yourself meal.
We were stuffed to the brim with Veggie wraps from Parkers, too much Tempura and Casey's cookies to top it all off. Good times!!!

That's a wrap!!
Ready to Fry!

Shoshanna still heading to work prego!!

Nudie's for those who need them!!!
New 1

New 2
Action end of a Trigger Fish!

Chromodoris colemani

Noumea varians

Hypselodoris maculosa

Finally a great shot of the Citrinum..(3mm)


Ken & Crystal Pierson said...

Ummm! food looks yummy! We want some! ;-)

Gloria Pierson said...

Friends make life just so much more fun! Looks like you had some yummy food. Shoshanna - looking good!!!! Not too much time left before Baby arrives! Exciting times ahead!

Quran said...

Thanks for the beautiful blog. Nice fooding. Thanks a lot...

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