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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Dive

Well, we went out today on the quest of a 7th straight dive with a new critter. Strangely enough I recently had a patient who is quite the expert on Nudbranch's and their relatives. For those of you who don't understand my fascination with Nudibranchs here's why... Nudibranchs are sea slugs with the most amazing and crazy colors in the ocean. Everywhere you go they have different varieties, which make's for endless possibilities. Not only are they colorful and cute, since they move slooooooooow, they are excellent subjects for photography. Needless to say my patient gave us great information on where to find these critters. Today we headed of to Apra harbor in search of 2 Nudibranchs. Not only did we find 1 of those, we also found 2 other nudies that were just awesome. Click here to see my current Nudiranch Gallery


Gloria said...

The colors are exquisite on those little critters! You are having so much fun exploring. Fantastic! Enjoy your blog!
Uncle Ken & Auntie Gloria

Ryan & Lyn said...

I'm so impressed with those pictures man. I never knew there were so many kinds of nudibrachs. I only ever remember seeing the orange and blue ones. I guess I was staring to hard at the surf. Have fun bro! Lovin the blog!

Ryan & Lyn said...

Hey that little shrine to Mother Mary on the way up Lam Lam is a little freaky isn't it? I went up Lam Lam by myself when I was there and it was getting dark on the way up and I passed by that thing and it gave me the chills...anyways. Ryan

The Chad said...

To true about the shrine Rye...we thought it would have been...funny if we found a brown tree snake wrapped around her ?!?! Talk to you later.

ray dawn jerrard said...

Your photo's are beautiful! - the colours are so bright and pictures so clear!
We enjoy your updates.
Take care!
Dawn & Ray.

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