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Friday, April 14, 2006

Quest for Nudie's

Eric & I continued our quest to find more nudibranchs this week. Thursday we did a night dive at Piti chanel. As usual we wern't disappointed. We found 2 new nudibranchs, 2 new flatworms, fed an eel one of my bait shrimp, caught a cute baby octopus, found a hermit crab with an anemone on its shell...and I drifted into a sea urchin! That happened because the currents in the channel. When the power plant needs to cool down the currents whip through the cement tubes we dive also appears I didn't realize one of many urchins was below me ;-) As usual the pictures are in my underwater gallery(Link on Right) but here are a couple good ones below!! Have a great weekend everybody!

1 comment:

Gloria said...

Ooooh ouch!!! That leg looks like much pain and suffering came along with those needles??? Your pictures are fantastic! Always like to watch and see what you are up to! Love, Ken & Gloria

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