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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Shot of a Lifetime!

Wow...this weekend we did a simple, shallow dive at Piti Channel. Our dive group consisted of Ken Pierson, Martin Klein, Eric Fly and I. The four of us were just trying to find a peaceful place to dive but were pleasently surprised. Actually, it was probably one of the best photo dives I have had on Guam. We started out by diving through 5 concrete tunnels, then I caught an octopus and took some pictures (A first for me), then we found a nice Mantis Shrimp; and to top it off, we found a rare leaf fish, and I got the picture of a lifetime. First off all I was excited just to see the thing in Guam. Then I happened to put my camera on full manual (No Shutter Lag), then I just happened to be focus and ready when he made a strange feeding protrussion with his mouth...Snap! I got the shot!!! Now maybe many of you don't appreciate the moment like I do; but it's always nice to have exciting moments that puts a smile on our face. There were a few more pictures from the dive on my Scubaboard Underwater Gallery if you want ot see more.

While the guys were diving and relaxing the girls participated in a SDA Womens Retreat. They had really good speakers, pleasant company and seemed to enjoy the whole weekend. Unfortunately the fun is over and now we must return to another week of work! Talk to you again soon!


Gloria said...

You are having so much fun and enjoying God's creations - fantastic! Great shots! Diving with all your buddies - what fun!
Love, Ken & Gloria

ray dawn jerrard said...

We have so enjoyed your photo's, video and updates. Looks like you'll add gardening to your skills!
God bless!
Take care and keep safe!
Dawn and Ray.

Rejean & Rachel Jerrard said...

What camera and setup are you using? Your pictures are really great. DO you mind if I use some as backdrops for church powerpoint presentations? You can reach me at
All the best,
Rejean (& Rachel & 1/2)

Chad & Shoshanna Ordelheide said...


Feel free to use the pics in your presentations!! Just send me the millions when you make it big time ;-) I hope all is well in your lives! We are hoping to get back to Australia and New Zealand on of these days. We have to wait for the travel budget to go back up though!! :-o Hope to hear from you again soon.

Ken & Crystal said...

Go Chaddy! Nice mouth shot! Lets do it again soon! Come visit Saipan and dive Eagle Ray City!
Ken and Crystal

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