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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Goodbye to Wendy

Well, Wendy's (Shoshanna's Mom) one month in Guam has already come in gone. It went awefully fast. No more already cooked lunches and dinners for a while!!! We had a great time, and she help spruce up our home a little. I'm pretty sure she is on a first name basis with everyone at Ross!! I hope she had a good trip home.

On Sunday the weather cooperated very nicely so we decided to do a little diving!! Here are a few Nudies we saw while blowing bubbles...bubbles, my bubbles ;-) I also had a great picture of Shoshanna playing in the grass with her scuba gear on...but I would rather not sleep on our couch for the next week. Cheers

Risbecia Tryoni

Jurunna Funebris


Dawn Jerrard said...
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Dawn Jerrard said...

Fascinating pictures! The Jurunna Funebris is quite something!
Hang onto those bananas! How about shipping some over here to the land of Oz!! (Just joking!) Since the cyclone in Cairns a few mths back, bananas have been scarce and have become like gold! - selling at $12 a Kg!!!!
God bless,
Dawn and Ray.

Heather Thayne said...

Hi - My bubbles, my bubbles, my bubbles :-) Shark Bait
As always, I love the nudies! They really are in a class of their own, aren't they? Your house looks great, I sure hope we can come enjoy it sometime soon!
Love you guys SO much,

Ken & Crystal said...

Nice nudi shots. Those sure are nice ones? Are they new to you? ...but we wanna see Sho playing in the grass... ;-) See you during Labor Day weekend. We'll have fun!

Love, Ken and Crystal

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