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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Diver & New Nudibranch!!

This Sunday Shoshanna, Eric & I went out with GTDS to do some diving. It was great weather and beautiful water. At Blue hole we saw an Eagle Ray, Turtle and a NEW NUDIBRANCH!!! Then we went to Gab Gab where we saw giant trevalies and the local tourist submarine...I'm sure I'll be in some Japanese's photo album as the "Waving diver" they saw on the submarine!! Anyway, great times and here some photos!!

New Nudibranch - Roboastra gracilis

Spotted Eagle Ray

Falco Hawkfish

Eric with Anemonefish


1 comment:

Ken & Crystal said...

Nice new Nudi!!! Looks like you had a great dive! Let's do it next weekend.
~Crystal and Ken

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