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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gun Beach Night Dive

Happy Diving Everyone!!

A couple night ago the Fly's convinced us to head to Gun Beach for a night dive. We were hoping to catch a night where we could dive with only the moon. Unfortunately it came out a little late but the conditions were perfect. Almost no waves and great visibility. We didn't run into any Tiger Sharks, much to the girls chagrin, but we did see some new critter for Guam. When were were done God treated us to something special. With the moon behind us and a light tropic rain out on the ocean. We saw a rainbow! At Night! Way cool! I've never even heard of it, even though the physics makes sense. Anyway, here are few pics for those who are interested.
Pseudobiceros gloriosus Dazed Fish at Night

Parrot Fish...a cleaner shrimp was there too!

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