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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bangkok Day 2

Good Evening. Today was spend seeing the outskirts of Bangkok. We went to the floating market via longboat which was very entertaining. On the way we saw brown suger being made from Coconut fronds as well as a beautiful Orchid Garden. In a little town we watched as a train momentarily careened through the middle of the market, only to have the stalls once again flow back onto it's tracks only seconds after it was gone...Wow. Later we visited the reclined Budda which was followed by a trip to the Palace that housed the Emerald Buda. It's gets its name from the color because it's actually made of Jade! Needless to say, we had great treats while at the market and ended our day with an amazing meal at the "Red Pepper". Well, off to bed until tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the sun is shining for you. Awesome. Enjoy the ride. Nice pic of the temple and monk. Do some diving for us. Peace and love.

The flys (still very busy, cannot wait for break !)

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