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Friday, September 21, 2007

Thailand, Myanmar & Laos (The Golden Triangle)

3 different countries were on our list today. We started out be leaving Thailand and heading in the Myanmar which used to be called Burma. Strangely halfway across the bridge all traffic switched side without any apparent direction. We then walked through the local market where vendors where hacking up live fish, eels and chicken feet. Mmmm, doesn’t that make you hungry! After spending a long while clearing customs again…we headed south the true Golden Triangle. We ate dinner overlooking the famed location where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. After lunch we took some long skinny speedboats over to officially walk on Laos soil. Once there we had the choice of many liqueur bottles filled with pickled cobras as well as other handicrafts which quickly depleted our money supply. Finally we came back to our hotel for a swim with pizza poolside. We hope all of you are doing well and wish you were here!!


Ken & Crystal said...

Loving the pics! The golden Buddah is amazing...!

Anonymous said...

In Hong Kong airport enroute to Beijing. Cannot believe you got two more countries. Looks like you are having a good time with sunny weather.
Hong Kong rocks. Great mexican food in Soho. We had a crazy tropical storm night on the Peak. Yeehaw. Hope the kitties are doing okay. Say hi to the fam.

Eric and Dixie

Jerrard Family said...

Great pictures and stories guys!! Hope you are having a great holiday. HOpefully we will be able to follow in your footsteps one day...

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