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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phuket Dive Pics

Greeting from the Deep. Here are a few pics from out dives out the Koh Doc Mai, King Cruiser Wreck and Shark Point. Luckily we saw the Leopard Shark and few new nudies and other fun critters. Even though the Currect was crazy we had 3 great dives. Today the ladies when into Phuket and learned to cook Thai. We then all went to the Patong area to shop and check the beach out. Tomorrow its a little more diving out at Phi Phi. We'll see what we get!!


Ken & Crystal said...

Beautiful leopard shark guys! Wow! Nice nudi shots too... you're good at that! Have fun! xo

Anonymous said...

Well Chad, I'm glad you asked. :) Putting a bend in the blade allows the blade to stay perpendicular to the surface longer which keeps the widest part of the blade exposed to the direction of force for a greater percentage of each stroke, increasing the power you get out of each stroke. It makes a lot of sense when you are standing up because as you reach out in front of you to 'grab water' with your paddle the blade is really in prime position to bite. The competitive outrigger paddlers use short bent shaft paddles to increase the power they get out of each stroke. I really didn't know any of this though when I started, I looked up stand up surfing on the net, saw they all used bent shaft paddles and decided that was how I was going to make mine. You should google Whiskey Jack paddles and you'll see some really beautiful ones. Have a great time in Asia and this pictures still look incredible! Ryan

Anonymous said...

The diving looks all good. New Nudis look awesome. Jealous of course. Nice leopard shark as well. Flying over the ocean back to Hong Kong and got excited for next dive trip.

Have fun in Cambodia. Beijing was awesome. Climbed the wild wall and had the whole wall to ourselves for an hour. yeehaw.

Greetings to the family. See you in a week.

The flys

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