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Friday, September 28, 2007

Phuket Dive at Phi Phi

Greeting from Phi Phi Islands in Phuket. Today was a long day with wonderful weather. I'm pretty sure our boat was the slowest on the water, but good weather and fun diving made it worthwhile. Here is a little collage of some of the better pictures. Look closely at the anemone for a little friend watching you. Our time at the Marriot is almost up and we'll be heading to Cambodia to see Ankor Wat tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will let us post some fun pictures of the temples there soon. Take Care!!

Beautiful Angelfish

Dragon Nudibranch (Super Macro)
Bamboo Shark

Small fish hiding on the Gorgonian Coral

Beautiful Purple Anemone

Tiny Fish (Macro)

Scorpion Fish inside a huge Sponge

Glossodoris Atromaginata Nudibranch



Ken & Crystal said...

Beauties again! God created such amazing and colorful creatures, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice bamboo shark. Not found on Guam. Enjoy Angkor. Hope the weather cooperates. It is raining like crazy here. The China pics are up. C ya.

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