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Friday, October 05, 2007

Cambodia, Hong Kong & Macau

Hey Hey Hey, the traveling is almost over and we're almost ready to head home to Guam. Here is a quick photo summary of our trip to Cambodia, Hong Kong & Macau.

Cambodia: An amazing country for it's Ankor Ruins. We really enjoyed the various temples which must have been amazingin their day! The people were wonderful as well. The kids that harassed us to buy stuff were just too cute. We ended up buying many trinkets that we really didn't need, ha. It's really unfortunate how the Khmer Rouge put the country back so many years. That part of their history is a long sad story. Needless to say we really enjoyed Cambodia!!

A visit to Ta Prohm with the crew

Cambodian scenery

Amazing detail at the lady temple

The temple of Bayon with it's many Buddha heads.

Hong Kong & Macau

We arrived in Hong Kong to rainy weather but it cleared up very nicely the next day!! After visiting my parents old house, dental clinic & haunts, we enjoyed the view from the peak. Later that night we saw a great laser light display from Kowloon. The next day Shoshanna and I headed to Macau for a quick tour of old town and their casinos. Vegas still rules baby!! Well, enjoy the pics and we'll see or talk to you all soon.

The Peak, Hong Kong

Sho wishing she had Crystal there to have a boba treat!

A visit to the Tibetan Potala, Macau

Mounting a revolt at the Fort Monte, Macau

A great day to be a tourist, Macau

Hong Kong at Night

Just for Kicks...Compare this Picture to my buddy Erics :-)


Gloria Pierson said...

Looks like you are all having the time of your life! What a great trip for you all to take.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. The night one of Hong Kong Island is awesome. Close on the peak shot. Great to have you guys back and glad you had a good time.


DawnJerrard said...

Now that we're back, we can catch up on blogs! Enjoyed your pictures and comments on your travels. What fun for you all!
God bless,
The J's

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